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Photography Basics - (1) Angles / Perspective / Viewpoint

Photography is more than just taking Selfies! ;>
Use different angles...

Try ...

1) a bird's eye view - shoot from a higher ground / from the top of the subject 

2) a worm's eye view - sit / kneel / lie down on the ground and shoot upwards at the subject

3) make use of reflection - mirror, water puddle on the ground, pond etc.

4) Try these too: 
  • take from a different level besides eye-level e.g. hip level 
  • move around the subject - back view, side view
  • tilt your camera e.g. to create diagonal horizon
  • use shadows …

Go on and take as many photos as possible! 
Very often, we need to take many shots to get that one single photo that we like.
Refer to the web for many more examples of the tips discussed above. 

Good luck! 

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